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November 8, 2012  ·  121 comments  ·  reblog

I feel like I haven’t sufficiently ranted at Tumblr recently. WELL HERE WE GO PEOPLE BECAUSE TINY RANT AHOY.

I am bisexual, and I’ve known that since I was… 9 or 10, and in a lot of ways it was never an issue of “OMG I’m weird” so much as “OMG what if people think I’m weird” which I personally consider a triumph… but I digress: that’s really not the point here.

The last little while I have been getting my fair share of, shall we say, “advice” concerning how I label myself: specifically “you’ve only seriously dated girls before so how do you know you like boys?”

And this, ladies and gentleman, is a very stupid question that you REALLY should not ask your bisexual/pansexual friends because it is as silly as “bisexuality isn’t real” does. Next time you want to ask someone this, PLEASE be aware of this: it’s like asking a straight person who’s never had a serious girl/boyfriend “how do you know you like girls/boys?”

… except, of course, that would never happen because if it was to a straight person, you would seem like a jackass. Dx Damn you and your double-standards, society.

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